The findings of the research suggest that specific ingredients of widely available mouthwash products are highly effective at inactivating the

have an increased presence of bacterial pathogens. The COVID virus evades the oral immune response, and penetrates the blood vessels and reaches the lungs, especially among people suffering from gum disease (periodontitis).

‘A high concentration of COVID-19 virus in saliva due to poor oral hygiene, which fastens the transmission of the virus from mouth to the lungs, is associated with a higher risk of death.’
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The COVID virus would pass through neck and chest veins -reaching the heart before being pumped into the lungs, said researchers.

Dental plaque accumulation and periodontal inflammation could further intensify the likelihood of the COVID virus reaching the lungs and causing more severe cases of infection.

“This model may help us understand why some individuals develop COVID-19 lung disease and others do not. It could also change the way we manage the virus — exploring cheap or even free treatments targeted at the mouth and, ultimately, saving lives,” said study co-author Iain Chapple, Professor at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Simple oral hygiene measures – such as toothbrushing, mouthwashes, or saltwater rinsing help reduce gum inflammation, thereby decreasing the viral concentration in salvia.

Dentists recommend that people who have recently recovered from COVID-19 should immediately change their toothbrush and tongue cleaner upon recovery to protect them from chances of re-infection.

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

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