Depression after birth of a baby is not uncommon and can affect 10 to 18 percent of all new mothers. The National Institute of Mental Health describes postpartum depression as a mood disorder that can affect women after childbirth explaining, “Mothers with postpartum depression experience feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion that may make it difficult for them to complete daily care activities for themselves or for others.” It usually appears within four weeks of childbirth and can last weeks, several months or up to a year.

Postpartum depression can be harmful to both mother and child. Untoward incidences where depressed mothers have killed their own child have been reported in the US and the UK. Medindia provides you with a screening tool to check for postpartum-depression. If you think you are suffering from such depression, seek advice of a psychiatrist or speak to your Gynaecologist immediately and start the treatment.


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