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For many people, Thanksgiving is about coming together to enjoy a meal with family and friends. But as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, dinner parties and other social gatherings are risky this holiday season. In fact, small household gatherings are one of the key reasons COVID-19 cases are rising again.

Hence, this holiday season, you may need to consider alternative, safer ways to celebrate and preserve traditions to keep your loved ones safe by reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Here are a few tips given by experts for staying safe while celebrating this Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Celebrate with members of your own household. Limit the gatherings to people who live in your household to reduce the risk options.
  2. Celebrate virtually. The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving during COVID-19 is to host a virtual Thanksgiving meal with family and friends who don’t live with you.
  3. Plan a drop-off potluck. Another low-risk activity you could try is to prepare traditional recipes for family and neighbours. Instead of sharing them in person, surprise them with a doorstep drop-off.
  4. Grocery shop online and help older people or higher risk loved ones. Grocery shop online with delivery options or curbside pickup options and deliver to elderly relatives.

If you are hosting a gathering during the holiday season that brings people who live in different households together, follow these steps to make it safer:

  • Shorten the guest list to decrease the risk of transmission. A key strategy to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission is to limit the number of households who get together and choose carefully who to include in Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Host outdoor gatherings as much as possible. Hosting a small outdoor dinner could limit the COVID-19 spread compared to an indoor gathering. Even outdoors, everyone should wear masks when not eating or drinking.

  • Maintain distance at gatherings.
    Even though you’re outside and around family members, you still need to maintain social distancing.
  • Continue following safety steps. To decrease risks, everyone should continue to follow safety steps like physical distancing, wearing masks, and limiting outings or social gatherings as much as possible two weeks prior to your gathering.
  • If you are travel, keep in mind.
    Travel may raise your chances of getting and spreading coronavirus. Hence, staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others during this holiday season. If you must travel, then take the necessary steps to protect yourself and others during the trip.

Holiday celebrations this year will likely need to be different to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Try to limit or avoid activities that are at higher risk for COVID spread and consider fun alternatives that pose a lower risk.

‘Gatherings during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday could be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. Though holiday celebrations will likely be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some additional planning can make lasting memories while reducing the risk of being exposed to or spreading COVID-19 to loved ones.’

Stay safe during Thanksgiving 2020 by following these safety measures, and your family will be more grateful for the traditions in the years to come.

Source: Medindia


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