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As the creator and host of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast, Dr Calvert says, this event represents the best in rhinoplasty education.

Jay Calvert, MD, FACS, a board certified plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills and president of The Rhinoplasty Society, will lead his chosen team of experts to the 24-hour marathon of lectures on the first World Rhinoplasty Day, Saturday, November 21. This event will feature 140 of the top rhinoplasty surgeons from around the globe.

“This event represents the best in rhinoplasty education. I am proud to bring the Rhinoplasty Society team to this incredible event of world experts,” says Calvert.

The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast with Dr Jay Calvert is hosted by Dr Jay Calvert with his co-host, Dr Millicent Rovelo. [PRNewsfoto/Roxbury Surgical Associates]

He chose The Rhinoplasty Society team for World Rhinoplasty Day with the highest quality of education in mind. His team includes Sam Most, MD, chief of facial plastic surgery at Stanford University; Jeffrey Marcus, MD, chief of plastic surgery at Duke University; Paul Nassif, MD, star of “Botched” and facial plastic surgeon; and Rod Rohrich, MD, a rhinoplasty surgeon, author, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  

Calvert is the creator and host of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast. He and his co-host, Millicent Rovelo, MD, have been creating new episodes for over a year. They cover all topics in plastic surgery from facelifts and rhinoplasty to liposuction and breast augmentation. The podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.  

[Source: Dr Jay Calvert]


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