If you are looking to have a buttock augmentation procedure, consider getting Brazilian butt surgery in New York. One of the fastest-growing procedures in the country, Brazilian butt surgery, also known as Brazilian butt lift (BBL), involves using the patient’s own fat to provide the desired butt enhancement. Performed by well-trained and skilled plastic surgeons using local anesthesia, BBL provides natural looking results with minimal downtime, side effects, and recovery time than conventional surgery.

Brazilian Butt Surgery

According to the latest reports, the surge in demand for buttock augmentation using fat grafting is because it is a “dual-benefit” body contouring procedure. It has two components – liposuction to remove excess fat deposits from specific areas and fat grafting which involves injecting the extracted fat into the buttocks to enhance shape and appearance.

However, while autologous fat transfer may seem appealing to women seeking a safe and effective buttock augmentation method, Brazilian butt surgery is not for everyone. It is generally not advised for:

  • Those who don’t have enough fat in other body areas for liposuction
  • Those who have health conditions such as cardiovascular immune or bleeding issues
  • Those who can’t abstain from smoking and drinking for the time period specified by the surgeon
  • Those who don’t have realistic expectations

Only a right candidate for BBL can achieve optimal results. A qualified and experienced plastic surgeon will first perform a through, personalized and comprehensive evaluation to decide if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Generally, BBL is recommended for women who are unhappy with their small, flat, saggy or asymmetrical buttocks and want to achieve a curvaceous backside. They should be physically healthy and have a fair amount of excess fat in the abdomen, hips, waist and lower back. Fat usually has to be extracted from more than one area of the body in order to get enough fat for the enhancement. Most importantly, patients should be committed to follow the post-operative instructions provided by their plastic surgeon to ensure smooth recovery and optimal outcomes.

Today, reliable AAAASF-accredited NYC plastic surgery practices that provide fat transfer buttock augmentation have surgeons who are skilled in performing the procedure. This is important for a personalized treatment plan and safe treatment.

If you are looking to have a Brazilian butt surgery in New York, choose a reliable plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in this innovative fat transfer procedure as this is very important for optimal results and your safety. Experienced surgeons will evaluate your goals and anatomical considerations and will determine your candidature for the procedure. He/she will also recommend whether the Brazilian butt lift under local anesthesia or a non-invasive butt lift would be the suitable option for you.

Source: bodysculpt.com

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